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Symposium "Emotions in Fiction: Neuroscientific, Psychological and Philosophical approaches"

Fictions of very different kinds (involving images, novels, plays, operas, ballets, movies) are known to generate strong emotional experiences in large audiences. In this symposium we shall focus on the nature and the role played by such emotional experiences.

ESPP 2013

Department of Philosophy I, Faculty of Psychology, University of Granada


July 10th from 5pm to 7pm (30 minutes session for each speaker)

1) Agnes Moors (Ghent University and Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva):

How to explain emotions caused by fictional stimuli: a research program


2) Jérôme Pelletier, Margherita Arcangeli, Jérôme Dokic, Tiziana Zalla (Institute Jean-Nicod, CNRS-EHESS-ENS, Paris), Stéphane Lemaire (University of Rennes 1, Rennes), Pascale Piolino, Marco Sperduti & Monica Pollina (University of Paris Descartes, Institute of psychology, Inserm, Paris):

The Semantic emotion hypothesis


3) Amanda Garcia, Vanessa Sennwald & Florian Cova (Interfaculty Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva, Geneva):

Are emotions towards fiction different from ‘real’ emotions?


4) Thomas Jacobsen (Experimental Psychology Unit at the Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg), Julian Hanich, Valentin Wagner, Mira Shah, & Winfried Menninghaus (Cluster of Excellence ‘Languages of Emotion’, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin):

On the puzzling role of sadness in aesthetic experience: the case of being moved