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At the neuroscientific level behavioural and neuroimaging experiments will test the neuro-functional correlates of “semantic emotions”. Visual stimuli will be selected from news broadcast, documentaries, mockumentaries or fiction films in a validation study. These materials will be used in a pilot study. On the basis of the results of the pilot study, scenes with a high emotional value will be selected and used to carry out a behavioral study coupled with physiological measurements and a functional neuroimaging study. Selection of stimuli and experimental protocols will be carried out in close collaboration of the neuroscientific and philosophical teams of FICTION.

At the philosophical level a monthly seminar (“FILE”) and international workshops will be organized in order to study the “semantic emotions” hypothesis in the domain of the philosophy of fiction, the psychology and philosophy of emotions and the philosophy of mind. Seminars and workshops will bring together researchers in the field of philosophy and neuroscience.